9 December 2004

5th December 2004 - A twitch to itch

I never twitch. Never. For anyone who thinks all birderwatchers are twitchers - NO. We are not.

Birdwatchers (or Birders as we prefer, inexplicably, to be called) go to a place, watch the birds, maybe record some data for conservation research, take some pictures, enjoy our day, and go home.

Twitchers find out where the rare birds are (internet, pagers, phonelines etc) and travel to see them - often a very long way indeed. This appears to me to be less a hobby than a way of life.

So, it's December 5th. Two days ago, December 3rd, I completed my first successful twitch at Cannock Chase (Waxwing, about 30). Today, I completed my second at Daventry Reservoir (Great Northern Diver, first winter). Two lifers (ie the first time I've seen these species of bird) and two twitches. So much for the no twitching rule then. Less a rule than a guideline perhaps.

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