10 January 2005

Birding in January - cold but colourful

Birding in winter is far more exciting and interesting than bird photography in winter. For the photography you have to contend with cold, wind and darkness - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (and I won't be posting any bad photos to prove it).

For the birding however, it is a splendid time of year. Find one of two places - either a spot of coastline or a large manmade reservoir - and simply scan with your binoculars. You will be amazed at the variety and splendour, particularly of the wildfowl (ducks). From Wigeon to Goldeneye, Teal to Goosander, the water at this time of year is alive with colour and noise. And always remember, most of these birds are a strictly winter treat. Come April most of them will be well on their way to Scandanavia and beyond to breed .

Enjoy them while you can.Posted by Hello

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