6 January 2005

A search for the exotic!

A Post Christmas Birding Trip - Lea Valley, December 28th.

OK, so this is the normal story of my birding life. December 28th and we set off to Lea Valley in Hertfordshire to find something a little unusual. A Bittern, a drake Smew, perhaps the Water Rail that has eluded me all year. Success? None. No one has seen a Bittern from the Bittern Hide for about six weeks, not a Smew in sight (male or female), and although the Water Rail had apparently been parading around all morning, it obviously got shy once I turned up.

Still, nil desperandum. We saw plenty, enjoyed a fantastic day of fresh air and sunshine and got lovely shots of this extremely friendly Robin. Normally I use a telescope attached to a camera to get close to my subject. With this one, I could barely get the camera far enough away from the bird (ie a metre or so) to get a focus lock.

That's next year's Christmas card photo taken care of then.Posted by Hello

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