8 February 2005

Not always finding what you're looking for

One of the joys of birdwatching is that although you don't always find what you might have been looking for, you nearly always find something else wonderful. This day at nearby Draycote Reservoir was a case in point.

There had been all kind of rare(ish) birds reported - divers, Smew, Scaup and Scoter to name just a few. I went in search of them, but of course found none. But while sitting there in silence at the water's edge, this Wren popped up on the rocks, allowing me the few minutes required to sort out my camera gear and get an all too rare snap of this common, but elusive, little bird. Brilliant. Oh, and I found the drake Smew shortly afterwards - even better. Sadly, too far away for a decent photo, but take it from me - absolutely exquisite. Posted by Hello

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