9 August 2005

An evening for photography

After the disappointment of a quiet patch walk on Saturday I took refuge at Brandon Marsh, a local reserve near Coventry where something of interest is almost guaranteed. I was not disappointed.

Of a recently recorded Common Scoter there was no sight, but I was soon enjoying watching the Lapwing (more than 270 in all), a Common Tern pair feeding a plump little chick, plenty of Grey Heron, assorted wildfowl, Coot and Moorhen (most with chicks), juvenile Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff feeding in the willow scrub, and best of all, two Green Sandpiper down on the Newlands scrape.

With good light and my new digiscoping gear to hand, this was an evening for photography. First up were the terns, adult and juvenile.

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Then I turned by attention to the Green Sandpipers, lovely little birds with brilliant white underparts and rumps, and a distinctive bobbing action as they walk.

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And finally, to set the seal on a lovely evening, a Kingfisher flew into a nearby perch to pose for me. The light had faded a little by then, but I was still able to take my best-ever pictures of this fabulous little ball of colour.

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