26 October 2005

Stolen moments at lunchtime

A few minutes to stroll around some fields, a churchyard and a stream near my office today.

Instantly found myself surrounded by a tit flock - as well as Great and Blue Tits I managed to locate a Goldcrest, a couple of Wrens and a Robin.

Out in the fields I found a Kestrel posing high on a dead tree, joined for a few moment by a sleek Mistle Thrush with its dry, churring call. Scores of Redwing flew hither and thither overhead.

The chur of the thrush was quickly replaced by the harsh 'yaffle' of a Green Woodpecker which almost landed on me as it came flying round a nearby hedge.

Finally, a quick look at the stream on my way back turned up my Star Bird of the Day - a Grey Wagtail, fighting with a Robin by the waterside. Wonderful - if you add the Kingfisher from Monday's lunchtime stroll it's not been a bad week for stolen moments.

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Rob Williams said...

Well done Marc...a good day. I went to my local patch today. Saw about 200 unidentified thrushes flying west overhead, very disheartening not being able to recognise them.

However, did see 3 redwing, a grey wagtail and a sparrowhawk, but very few chaffinches, don't know why but not many of these around for a while.

On the way back saw my first two fieldfares of the season.