14 May 2006

Skomer - an island paradise

Skomer is perhaps the best known of the islands off the Pembrokeshire coast. Just 15 minutes away by boat, it is home to a wonderful array of seabirds. Almost certainly the most notable of these is the Manx Shearwater - the island is in fact home to half the world's population of this nocturnal marvel.

With our good weather continuing, I stole a day away from the family to enjoy the island and all it had to offer - and what a day it was. As we made the short crossing we were surrounded by Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills - there were plenty more on the island itself to photograph and enjoy. Grey seals basked on the rocks as we arrived at low tide, and before long I was watching a Peregrine Falcon hunting along a rocky outcrop full of gulls, Guillemots and even a few Chough.

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