24 July 2006

Garden action from the Swallows and Starlings

There has been much frantic activity of late in the skies over Chez Hornet.

As the flying ants take to the air, so do the Starlings, post-breeding flocks of 200 or more birds determined not to miss out on a feast and convinced they are at least the equal of any flycatcher. It's an annual favourite of mine to watch them launch into the air, hover for a few frantic seconds while snapping at the ants, and then descend for a brief rest before repeating the whole process.

Meanwhile, the Swallows from the nearby farm have also bred successfully, and the skies over the house are filled with adults and juveniles alike. They often rest on the wires outside the front of the house, affording great views and generous photo opportunities.

With Swifts screaming overhead, House Martins chattering among them, and a persistent Wren or two in the garden, there's a veritable orchestra to enjoy at this time of year in the garden. Posted by Picasa

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