13 August 2006

Napton Reservoir

The weekend has been decidely autumnal, with high winds and constant rain.

I made a quick trip to Napton Reservoir during a break in the rain this afternoon, and was delighted to find the place abuzz with House Martins, Sand Martins and Swallows.

They were all low, some flying past me at waist or even knee height. The Swallows, many of them young, patrolled the grass edges or sat on nearby fences.

The House Martins tended to be over the water, but also flew along the banks at high speed. The Sand Martins, perhaps a dozen on more among the 100+ birds in total, were patrolling the water - but even they came extremely close to me, giving best-ever views of these delicate little birds.

Out on the water, a pair of Great Crested Grebes were notable for the lateness of their nest building - I hope that the weather improves in the coming weeks if they are aiming to raise a late brood.

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