11 January 2009

Red-necked Grebe (at last)

Certain birds have always eluded me (a lot, now I come to think about it) - partly it's about being a rubbish birder, partly it's a lack of dedication to the cause, and partly it's a pig-headed refusal to twitch anything further than a mile from my home.

However, on a freezing cold and very windy morning at Draycote Reservoir I finally got another one off that 'elusive' list - Red-necked Grebe. Tucked into a line of Great Crested Grebes it was distinctive enough with its buff neck and head and yellow bill contrasting nicely with the white / pink of the Great Cresteds.

Apart from that I got a few Goosanders, a couple of Ruddy Ducks (not seen any for ages), freezing cold feet and tired legs from cycling into the bitter headwind. Still, the life list is up to a desultory 206 now - it'll be 250 by the time I reach 60 (which is a few year's off yet).

Bird of the Day: Ooh, let me think. I reckon that'd be Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisigena), an occasional winter visitor to inland waters and a welcome sight for sore, cold, watery winter eyes.


Pete said...

nice one! Not seen an inland bird for AGES.

Rob Williams said...

Hurray! R-n Grebe for me too at Draycote today, 25 Jan.

Rob Williams

Hornet said...

Excellent - hope it was a bit warmer for you than when I got it - I had to keep wiping cold-wind tears from my eyes just to get a good look!