About The Hornet's Nest

I am a birder, a naturalist and an occasional angler - or, depending on your particular point of view, a strange man with binoculars, a love of remote places and a peculiar penchant for drowning maggots. 

The Hornet's Nest is simply the diary in which I record the birds I have seen and the trips I make into the great outdoors. It is also a site into which I've tried to pack as much information, and as many photographs and sketches, as I can about birding in and around my home county of Warwickshire.

The majority of my birding (and indeed my occasional angling) is done in Warwickshire, a largely rural county in the middle of the UK which contains Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry (geographically but not politically - Coventry has it's own local city council for example) and my home town of Royal Leamington Spa.

Click her for a lot more about my birding (such as background information on my patch, the equipment I use, the birds I have seen and so on). Or click here for more information on my angling.

If there is any particular subject you are looking for, perhaps reports from a specific location or sightings of a particular species of bird (or fish), there is also a useful search facility at the top right of the page, allowing you to search more than a decade (!) of accumulated musings and notes.

So welcome to The Hornet's Nest, and please do stop to say hello via the comments.

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