A Fishing Hornet

My love affair with fishing, first kindled as a child on the river, canals and reservoirs of Watford, was reborn on my 40th birthday when I decided a trip to a lake might make a good 'jolly boy's outing'.

It did, and as well as giving me a cracking birthday (three nice Bury Hills carp on the waggler to around 6lbs) it left me completely 'hooked' on angling again.

That was in 2010, and from there I began learning, or re-learning, as many of the arts of angling as I could, fishing a mix of local commercial fisheries and still waters (such as Bishops Bowl and Stockton Reservoir), local canals and rivers (the Leam, Avon and Grand Union), plus whatever water I can find when I'm away from home (including back around Watford and in Essex with the in-laws).

Plenty of reports from those trips can still be found in these pages, many of them with mention made of the local birds and other wildlife (there's nowt like fishing for catching sight of the local Kingfishers or Reed Warblers, for example).

The fishing is a little slow at the moment (July 2016), but it will be back I'm sure...

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